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Rachel Khoo’s Roasted Rhubarb And Almond Pudding

While researching for today’s post, I realised that I really haven’t mentioned rhubarb all that much. Though not actually a true fruit, most of the time that is how we treat it and use it as such. As I’m sure you’re aware, rhubarb is often used in pies, tarts and particularly goes well in crumbles. Due to […]

Perfect For Mother’s Day, Mary Berry’s Queen Of Puddings

Do you want to create something special for Mother’s Day? With a little bit of concentration and a bit of effort, you can make the ‘Queen of Puddings’ dessert that was created by Mary Berry. It has a layer of custard, a layer of jam and a layer of soft chewy meringue. In the video […]

Winifred Pudding

What on earth is Winifred pudding I hear you ask! Well, following on from Bob’s post of yesterday on how to avoid wasting food I thought I’d find a recipe which incorporates this idea. Winifred pudding is a great way of using up any leftover stale bread that you don’t know what to do with. […]

Buttermilk pudding with cardamom strawberries

You can’t beat the smell and taste of fresh strawberries especially if you’ve grown them yourself. There are hundreds of strawberry recipes out there so I wanted to find something a little different to Eton mess and strawberry pavlova. So how about this idea for buttermilk pudding with cardamom strawberries? It is easy to make […]

Peach and almond pudding

Time for a delicious home-cooked pudding recipe today I think! This one is for peach and almond pudding and is from Delia Smith. Served with either crème fraîche or ice-cream, it’s sure to go down a treat with your family and guests. Serves 4. Ingredients: 1lb peaches, weight after being skinned and stoned. You will need approx. 5 large peaches […]

Almond Pudding with White Tomato Sorbet

Do you need help on deciding on a desert for Easter?  This could be what you have been looking for. It may not be as light as a Strawberry Soufflé but small almond puddings with tomato sortbet not only sounds good but looks good too. In this video, Chef Gary Rhodes takes you through the steps to make […]

Italian week: bread and butter pudding Gino D’Acampo style!

We kick off this new week with recipes that are Italian, or at least influenced by that great nation. Will we do pizza? Will we do spaghetti? You had better stay tuned this week and find out! To start us off is the popular and the far too good looking Gino D’Acampo. This young man has […]