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The Ever So Simple Shrimp & Asparagus Stir Fry

My local French market is full of fruit and veg stalls selling asparagus. Big bundles of green spears fresh from the farmers and just waiting for you to do something wonderful with them. The one thing most people don’t realise about asparagus is that it’s ridiculously easyto cook something amazing with it. You really don’t need […]

The Prawn Cocktail You Should Be Eating This Summer

  Smashed avocado with chilli, little gem lettuce, lime and olive oil makes the perfect bed for a load of fat, juicy king prawns. Got a fork? Gone are the days of the Marie Rose laden prawn cocktail in a dessert glass – yes it served us well in the ’70s and will always remain […]

7 Great Prawn Recipes You Really Need To Try

If you really like prawns then you going to love these 7 great recipes. They range from spring rolls to salads, all featuring great flavours! If grilling large prawns on the barbecue has become a bit too much then try these great ideas for a refreshing change… Saveur Magazine – Bacon and Shrimp Fried Rice […]

Three Great Kitchen Tips From Gordon Ramsay

Today we take a look at three great kitchen tips from Gordon Ramsay. In the following videos, he shows how to skin a salmon, separate a chicken and how to prepare prawns. All very handy skills, nothing too difficult and any aspiring chef should know them. Skin and de-bone a salmon In the first video, […]

Go Spanish And Try This Tapas Dish, Spicy Prawns With Garlic and Chilli

Have you ever been to Spain and spent time in a Tapas bar? I really like the idea of Tapas, small dishes of flavour that leave you wanting more. They are not meant to be too distracting – they can be eaten so that they form a meal but often as snacks while you enjoy […]

Malaysian Coconut Prawn Curry

I’ve been inspired to find a recipe from Malaysia for today’s post as my parents are currently on holiday there, the lucky things! So I’m bringing a little bit of Malaysia to our website for the day in the form of Malaysian coconut prawn curry. This was created by chef Gary Rhodes who had this […]

Piri-piri prawns and harissa couscous

Today’s spice related recipe is for piri-piri prawns and harissa couscous. An awsome blend of chillis, paprika, baharat mix and harissa. Blended together with the prawns and the couscous you have yourself a very tasty dish indeed. I’d never heard of baharat spice mix but it’s a blend of allspice, black peppercorns, cardamom seeds, cassia bark, cloves, […]

Prawn sweet chilli noodle salad

Whether you take yours to work, eat it on the run or have it at home it’s always difficult I think to come up with inspiring ideas when it comes to lunchtime. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of either having a soup or a sarnie and I think it’s always nice to […]

BBQ Week: Jamie Oliver’s tasty prawns

I think it’s time for a tasty fish idea for our BBQ’s today.  I’ve found a good looking prawn kebab dish from Jamie Oliver which is simple to do and features a really fresh salad of peas, broad beans, courgette and fresh herbs to go with them. A real taste of summer. This is also a really healthy […]