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How Many Of These Great British Sausages Have You Tried?

There’s a huge range of regional British sausages, each having it’s own recipe and flavour combination. Some are really well known and have been made for hundreds of years. Take the Cumberland sausage for example, it’s been a local speciality in Cumbria for around 500 years. It’s now been protected (Protected Geographical Indication) much like parma […]

Maple Pork Skewers With Rocket & Lemon Rice

  Sweet, Sticky Pork Skewers on Peppery Rocket and White rice With the Freshness of Lemon to Balance Everything… Fast-Marinade Sometimes I forget that pork can come in other forms than just chorizo. Who else is guilty of eating copious amounts of the spicy salty Spanish sausage? Same can be said for bacon. Chorizo and […]

Easter Recipe Round Up, Great Ideas That You Can Make

Easter celebrations are upon us already. If you are looking for a recipe or two or just need some ideas, then we have plenty to inspire you. Our archive has many great recipes, from a ‘hot cross bun cake‘ you make in a microwave to a Moroccan style leg of lamb. You can check them all out […]

How To Carve, 7 Great Videos Show You How

You’ve spent a long time cooking that perfect roast. However, whose going to be carving it up?  If it looks like you’ll be the one wielding the knife then you better check out these videos. Knowing how to carve is an important skill whether you’re having pork, chicken, turkey or beef. Making the right cuts and getting the most out […]

Tonkatsu, It’s So Much More Than Just Breaded Pork!

Have you ever heard of Tonkatsu? Neither had I until I read about it on Manu’s Menu. We mentioned the lovely Manuela before, she created the amazing 25 recipe ebook containing her favourite frozen treats. Anyway, in her latest post she writes about Tonkatsu and tells us just how good it is! Sure it is […]

Speedy Pork With Spring Greens

Spring has finally sprung here – daffodils are making an appearance, it’s lighter at night and buds are starting to show on the hedges in the garden. So what better way to celebrate than with a recipe for speedy pork with spring greens! There are many ways to use your fresh greens. Here is just […]

Braised pork with plums

There are many different varieties of plums ranging in colour from green to purple and from sweet to sour. Most of us would probably think of using plums in a dessert recipe or maybe a chutney or jam but I thought I’d find a savoury dish to share with you all today. Braised pork with […]

Barbecued pork with sage, lemon and prosciutto

It’s barbeque season – woohoo! Now I love a good barbie but none of your cheap sausages or burgers for me thanks….I love different things to bung on the coals (or gas!) and it would definitely include this recipe for barbecued pork with a tasty paste made from sage, lemon and prosciutto. Treat your guests to something […]

Pork burger with brie and pesto

So it’s June tomorrow and summer is apparently around the corner – although with the weather as it is currently in the UK you could easily be fooled into thinking it’s still winter! So to cheer me up and hopefully to cheer our readers up I thought I’d look for some burger ideas for when […]

Halloween Week: Witches’ Ribs

We’ve got something very different for you today…are you brave enough to watch TV presenter Zoe Salmon counjure up some Witches’ Ribs in one of the most haunted houses in England? Simply put they are sticky, glossy and tender pork ribs perfect for a Halloween Party. I’m not sure she was at ease to be cooking this pork […]