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How To Grill A Pizza on Your Barbecue Without Burning It

Have you every thought about trying to grill a pizza on your barbecue? For those that have tried it, I bet you’ve ended up burning the bottom. Would you like to know a neat trick that avoids that happening? YouTube user Dave Hax has shared a video where the explains the benefit of using a cupcake […]

The Recipe Rebel’s Fabulous Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes

I found this video for Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes on Facebook, don’t they look brilliant! They feature 4 ingredients and ready in about 20 minutes. They are all purpose people pleasers, perfect for parties, birthdays and just when you need something special. This fab idea comes from Ashley at Recipe Rebel and all the info you need to make these […]

Broccoli For Breakfast? It’s not as strange as it sounds!

Before I start talking about the idea of eating broccoli for breakfast, let’s for a moment look at the trend that is best described as, adapting main meals so you can eat them for breakfast. It’s becoming more and more common. The recipes I found for this post exemplify this trend, Breakfast Quesadillas, Breakfast Frittata and Breakfast pizza! I’ve […]

Five Great Pizza Recipes That Are Too Good To Miss!

A well made pizza is a thing of beauty. Simple toppings with great flavours. Not heaps of ingredients that end up making the base all soggy. There’s no excuse for it. We’ve had a rather long time to perfect the pizza. After all, it was mentioned back in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in […]

Spanish Style Puff Pastry Pizza With Fresh Tomatoes

Hola!! Hola from Barcelona! I am nervous,  very nervous. My wedding is right around he corner. (I’ll post some pictures on Instagram). Yay! I can´t wait, but at the same time I have tons of butterflies in my stomach everyday. I guess it’s natural. Everyone tells me not to worry, that everything will be fine. Yes, yes…. but when […]

Chocolate & Berry Pizza

I know what you’re thinking….we’ve gone mad. You can’t have chocolate and berries on a pizza? Oh but you can! I’ve found a recipe from the chaps at Sorted Food for a raspberry stuffed crust pizza topped with chocolate and berries. The dough base is hand made but you could always buy one if you […]

Spinach recipes

I love random facts and have found out that on this day back in 1937 spinach growers in Crystal City, Texas, erected a statue of Popeye! How great is that! So to celebrate this fact I’ve found a couple of tasty recipes which use spinach. Spinach has great nutritional benefits including being rich in antioxidants […]

Four-in-One Pizza

It’s a fact that I love pizza. All that gorgeous melted cheese and variety of toppings that can be used. It’s difficult to know which pizza to choose sometimes! How about a pizza with four different toppings to share with your friends? The recipe for today is a four-in-one pizza with dough sticks which divides […]

Italian Week: Nigella Lawson’s Meatzza

Today’s Italian recipe is a Meatzza from Nigella Lawson’s new series called Nigellissima and is a doughless meat pizza. She keeps this recipe simple but you could of course try a variety of different toppings to suit you and your guests. Easy to prepare and fairly quick to cook this would make a great dinner and is sure to […]