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The Olympics, Pimms And Some Really Great Ideas

Just how well is the UK Olympics team doing right now? Amazingly well!!! Gold medals won by Adam Peaty, Mo Farah and Helen Glover – just to name a few! Silver medals are now hanging around the necks of competitors like Bryony Page, Jazmin Carlin and Louis Smith. Not forgetting those with Bronze medals like Edward Ling and Steven […]

25 British Foods That Can Only Be Eaten Outdoors In The Summer

The British can be, shall we say – a little different – when it comes to eating in the summer. This infographic shows some of the particularly English things that can only be eaten outside in the sunshine. Such things as pork pies, pimms (obviously) and elderflower cordials. Can you imagine any other nationality eating […]

The Essential Summer Time Treat, Pimms Bundt Cake

Over at FoodJam, Deon has posted his recipe for Pimms Bundt Cake. We last mentioned Pimms quite some time ago, so it good to see a lovey recipe like this using the iconic British summer time drink. You’ve got to admit, the finished cake does look really good! The secret to why Deon’s cake looks […]

Anyone for Pimm’s? The original British Summer drink

Can you have a summer without a bottle of Pimm’s on hand? It’s a great a starter when you are creating cocktails but did you know it been around for a very long time? Pimm’s, which is something between a fruit cup and a liqueur, started life before 1900 with a farmer’s son from Kent […]