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How To Make The Best Wild Garlic Pesto Ever

  This jar of emerald green oily paste is SO BUFF and really versatile. So far I’ve had it on courgetti (obvs), on a pizza base (more on that to come) and smeared it on toast, inside chicken and eaten it straight off the spoon. All you need is a blender. Actually all you really […]

Nigella’s Fusilli Pasta With Easy To Make Sicilian Pesto

In this video, Nigella cooks up an easy to make pasta dish with an ‘all you have to do is blend‘ pesto. The pasta looks just like springy telephone cables, which I’m sure kids would love. The pesto itself needs a few ingredients but as no cooking is required, it’s fairly quick and easy to make. You’ve […]

Quick Fish and Rosti Pie

Do you have a jar of pesto which is lingering in your fridge? You may have used some in a recipe and don’t know what to use the rest for? Well this recipe is perfect for using some of your pesto up and incorporating leeks which are great this time of year. Here’s what Eat […]

Pork burger with brie and pesto

So it’s June tomorrow and summer is apparently around the corner – although with the weather as it is currently in the UK you could easily be fooled into thinking it’s still winter! So to cheer me up and hopefully to cheer our readers up I thought I’d look for some burger ideas for when […]

Hand-made pesto with watercress

There’s plenty of watercress about this month so why not use it to make this recipe for hand-made pesto with watercress. Nigel Slater’s recipe is simple to make and will be ultra-fresh having made it yourself. Delicious with pasta! Some facts about watercress: Watercress contains significant amounts of iron, calcium, iodine, and folic acid, in […]

Soup Week: Pea & Pesto Soup

I think soup is great to make in batches and put in the freezer. It makes a quick lunch or snack and is a great way of using really fresh ingredients. This week we are going to feature six different soup recipes. The first of the week is a Nigella Lawson recipe for pea and pesto […]