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Pea and Ham Orzo, Like Risotto Only Better!

There’s nothing better than fresh peas, frozen or straight from your garden. The question is, what are you going to do with them? The standard answer is, pea and ham soup. However, with some imagination you can do a lot more. How about a risotto that’s not really a risotto? Especially when it takes half […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Ginger Beer Battered Fish And Mushy Peas

If you love battered fish then you’re going to love this recipe from Gordon Ramsay. There’s nothing quite so English as this. I remember childhood holidays down on the south coast of the UK. Walking along the beachfront on cold and rainy days. Somehow, eating battered fish and chips always made everything better. In this […]

Three Top Dishes From Rick Stein That Don’t Break Budgets

I still think Rick Stein is one of the best celebrity chefs on TV. He’s fairly laid back, full of stories and has some really great recipes. As a TV chef, he’s been around the world exploring the cuisines of many continents. He’s traveled around France, Spain and India. I particularly liked his adventures around […]

Chicken Lollipop Dippers From Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics

As you may know, Jamie Oliver has a new book out – Super Food Family Classics. It’s currently a best seller on Amazon. While that may seem good news for Jamie, he recently became a Dad again with his fifth child which I’m sure surpasses the cookbook’s success by a long way! In the video above, Jamie shows us to […]

Serving Spring with Bay Scallop Bread Pudding

I have always been of the opinion Bay scallops were not real seafood. I mean they are so tiny, and the flavor is very meek. They are not at all creamy and tender like their larger, sweeter, buttery-er cousin, the Sea Scallop. Quite frankly, I really haven’t had much use for them at all. Not that […]

Stuck For Lunch Ideas? Try Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Peas And Parma Ham

Need something quick for lunch yet filling? This recipe from Rick Stein takes little preparation and ready before you know it. The ingredients are few in number and you probably have them already. Serve with crusty bread and perhaps a glass of chilled white wine, however you do it this recipe is a must try. […]

Pea & broad bean houmous with goat’s cheese, a great combination for summer

I love creating stuff for my kitchen. I already have 5 bottles of flavoured oil. Creating your own mayonnaise might be a bit more difficult but creating a lovely summer topping to bread is easy. One of the easiest is houmous, a spread or dip originating from the Middle East and Arabic countries. Normally houmous is made from chickpeas (houmous […]

Seared scallops on pea and mint risotto

It’s nearly the end of June but peas are still at their best. Did you know that a cup of peas contains more protein than one egg? Now there’s a fact for you! Today’s recipe is for seared scallops on a pea and mint risotto – delicious! Before we go on to the recipe here’s a […]

Keith Floyd Week: Duck and green peas

We start this week of ‘Keith Floyd cooking’ with him standing in a middle of a field, in Norfolk. With his smart looking yellow waistcoat, he demonstrates how to cook Duck with green peas. As usual he takes total control telling the camera man where to point and total disregard for how TV programs are supposed to […]