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Roasted Beets and Peaches | A Perfect Palate for Spring

Yesterday was beautiful. After months and months and months of what seemed like endless days of cold weather, in the blink of eye, it was 75 degrees. And there was sun; that big, bright, glorious yellow ball of thawing warmth. I thought surely it must be a mirage. But it wasn’t. It was real. While I […]

A Traditional Southern New Year!

Wow. 2016. The older I get, the faster the hands seem to spin on the clock. My children are grown, my grandchildren are growing, and the one thing I feel like I’m losing, is the one thing I can never get back. Time. SO. For 2016, I have developed a plan. A master plan. A […]

An American Thanksgiving Part 4 | It’s all about the PIE!

Admit it. The best part of Thanksgiving is…   Wait for it…   Wait for it…   DESSERT! You really didn’t have to wait for that though did you? 😉 I am a lover of all things cake, but occasionally, I can be swayed at certain times by the almighty pie. Especially if said pie […]

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon and Maple Syrup

What’s not to like about wonderfully ripe juicy peaches grilled with cinnamon and maple syrup?! Deliciously sweet peaches made aromatic from the cinnamon combined with the sticky sweet maple syrup – I can taste it now!! This wonderful recipe comes from our friends at Orgasmic Chef who have lots of tasty recipes on their site. […]

Sweet Corn Pancakes with Peaches & Spice!

Today’s recipe comes from food blogger Rashmi Primlani, from The Primlani Kitchen. It’s introduced as a way to start the day, I see it as a lovely treat after a light dinner. Either way, it looks delicious. Rashmi does describes her own recipe,”Sweet corn pancakes, savory and delicate, is a perfect summer brunch, especially when it […]