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Gill Meller’s Recipe For Super Sausage Rolls

Traditional English sausage rolls are simply British bangers wrapped in pastry. Some people think hotdog sausages can be used but no, that’s plainly wrong. They are quite simple to make really, all you need is decent sausages and pastry. Though, have you ever wished they were bigger and packed with more flavour? I have found a great recipe […]

Something Extra For Christmas – Mary Berry’s Mincemeat And Orange Tarts

Today, I’m featuring a video where Mary Berry lovingly creates mincemeat and orange tarts. She makes them with orange flavoured pastry that’s really easy to do. For an extra special mince pie, she adds dried chopped apricots to the mincemeat and tops off each one with grated marzipan. Christmas and Mary Berry, what a great combination! By […]

Gorgeous Meat Pie Recipes That Are Perfect For Lunch Or Dinner!

At this time of year, I think we need to start talking about meat pie recipes. The sort of dish that has perfectly cooked pastry on top, a lovely moist filling inside and thick gravy poured on top. Brings back memories of my Mum’s Saturday night specials that she used to cook when I was kid. There’s something special […]

Scary Halloween Treats For The Little Ghouls In Your Life!

Halloween is a great time for grown-ups, especially for those who love to cook! It’s a fab excuse to get in the kitchen and be at your creative best. Kids love it because they get to eat the scary stuff you’ve made! There’s plenty of great recipes out there and this site has mentioned plenty of them. You […]

5 Great Recipes For Asparagus Lovers Everywhere!

Seeing asparagus at my local market is a reassuring sign that summer is on it’s way. The vegetable stalls are still packed with large bundles of it, bright green sticks fresh from the fields. However, there are two problems… the season for it is relatively short most people are not really sure what to do with it! […]

The Best Ever Three Ingredient Strawberry Pie

Sometimes simple is best. This thought seems to apply to many things in life in general. It’s especially helpful in the kitchen. Good recipes and fresh ingredients do not need much to be grand. One of the best recipes my family ever made was this strawberry pie. There are three ingredients, and it takes roughly […]

Great British Bake Off – Pastry Week

This week the seven remaining bakers tackle pastry. My idea of hell! The best I can do is open a packet of shortcrust or filo….and that is why I’m not in that tent! Signature bake – The judges have asked the bakers for a Frangipane tart with an open top using shortcrust pastry. Not a […]

British Pie Week – Rosie’s Pork Pies

Keeping up with our ‘Pie Week’ theme, we take a long over due visit to Rosie’s Kitchen. In her post Rosie’s Pork Pies…, we get not only the recipe for the British picnic favourite but also how to make hot water pastry. The video shows the making of the pastry and then using it to […]

Mushroom & Camembert Wellingtons

I guess I have to start admitting to myself that it is now December and that I can’t hide from the fact that I need to start my Christmas shopping (meh). As my friends will tell you I’m not really a fan of the whole Christmas vibe but one thing I can and do get […]

GBBO Episode 7: Pasties, Pastries And Eclairs!

For all of you who unfortunately endure a gluten intolerance, suffer from a wheat allergy or baked goods makes you bloat, ooer –  this episode may not be for you as it’s all about pastry. The first challenge, the signature, was to produce 12 savoury parcels, all perfectly formed and beautifully browned – the cast of TOWIE […]