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In A Hurry? Try This Three Ingredient Pasta Dish!

How many ingredients do you actually need to make a lovely pasta dish? If you’re thinking of four or five then think again! This simple recipe from Delish uses just spaghetti, a lemon and parmesan cheese. As in many restricted ingredient recipes, the seasoning doesn’t count. I really like this pasta dish because it’s quick and easy to make. If you’re […]

Serving Spring with Bay Scallop Bread Pudding

I have always been of the opinion Bay scallops were not real seafood. I mean they are so tiny, and the flavor is very meek. They are not at all creamy and tender like their larger, sweeter, buttery-er cousin, the Sea Scallop. Quite frankly, I really haven’t had much use for them at all. Not that […]

Prosciutto And Parmesan, An Impressive Appetiser for Spring That’s Quick And Easy

A slice of prosciutto rolled around a bunch of mixed greens that has been tossed in a light honey-dijon vinaigrette, layered with fresh pears and Parmesan cheese slices. Think of it as salad in finger food form. I gently tossed greens in a very basic vinaigrette and placed a slice of pear and parmesan cheese […]

Keeping it seasonal with asparagus

I have just got back from my local market and there is asparagus in abundance. It’s that time of year where the local growers are bringing their crops to sell and it all looks just wonderful. Not only is it quick to cook (pan or oven) but it has healthy qualities and has been something to […]

Seafood week: Parmesan Baked Haddock

Today’s post is not so much as ‘how to make this dish…’, but more of a ‘what a good idea…’, sort of thing. Basically, it’s a different way of doing breaded fish (think of fish fingers) but with out deep frying etc. Chef Steve Binks takes us through a different way to coat the fish […]

Soup Week: Stilton soup with Parmesan croutons

I absolutely love Stilton soup and have done ever since my Granny made it when I was younger. I asked her for the recipe some time ago now but sadly it seems that this has long since been lost and she couldn’t actually write down for me how to make it. Such a shame. However, […]