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Gordon Ramsay’s Quiche With Leeks & Pancetta

If you thought that leeks were only good for soups then check out this recipe for Leek & Pancetta Quiche. It should change your mind pretty quickly! The recipe itself comes via Gordon Ramsay and the video below comes from his cooking-at-home TV series. He also shows you how to make shortcrust pastry with flour, butter and […]

Gennaro’s Red Chicory And Pancetta Pasta Dish

In season right now, and available from your local market, is red chicory. It’s possible you might know chicory as ‘endive’ (which is what the French call it) but it’s not an alternative name. The endive is a variety of chicory, as explain on Wikipedia. They are closely related and often confused for each other. I often […]

Steven Lamb’s Guide To Homemade Curing: Prosciutto Style Ham, Salami and Pancetta

Nothing tastes better than something you have made yourself. That includes curing and preserving your own meats. Steve Lamb from River Cottage, is an expert when it comes curing. He’s even written a book about it (find it on Amazon here) and runs courses too. Lucky for us, he’s also made some videos that demonstrate […]

BBQ Alternatives – Tom Kerridge And His Fish Burger

While looking around for summer ideas, especially BBQ friendly ones, I came across mentions of a recipe by Tom Kerridge for a fish burger. What I would have liked to of done, was to share a video of that recipe being made right here. However, the only place I can find that has a video […]

Gino D’Acampo’s Bucatini Carbonara

Today we have a great pasta dish from Gino D’Acampo.  He cooks, what appears to be, a simple Italian recipe. It has simple ingredients – eggs, pancetta and pecorino romano cheese. And of course, bucatini pasta. However, as he warns, you need to be quick about it and pay attention or the eggs could come […]