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Get Beach Body Ready: Gluten Free PB & J Pancakes

Alright, people, it’s almost Summer. I’m seriously looking into eating healthier now, I mean it. However, I’m just not willing to compromise the fact that, when I want pancakes, I’m going to have pancakes. Well, thanks to the fun “gluten-free” fad we’ve got going on right now, I now have an answer to all my […]

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Banana & Carrot Pancakes

    Looking for an intolerance-friendly brekky idea? Something that’s gluten-free but also made from whole grains, to keep you and the kids fuller for longer? Then this is the one for you! Hidden vegetables? Tick. Fruit as a natural, high fibre sweetener? Tick. No dairy but still light and fluffy? Tick, tick and tick. […]

10 Great Recipes That You Can Make For Mother’s Day

Don’t get stuck for Mother’s Day! There’s plenty of things you could make for that special day. The fact that you eve tried to make something would be really appreciated. To help you out I’ve found some really great treats that range from the simple to make to difficult to do. The following videos will show […]

5 Hearty Breakfasts That Will Keep You Warm on Cold Winter Mornings

During the winter months, you really need a good start to the day. A good hearty breakfast packed with energy will keep you going right till lunchtime. But it doesn’t have to be a good old fashioned fry up! You should be trying to make your own breakfast, and not go through the experience The […]

Sweet Corn Pancakes with Peaches & Spice!

Today’s recipe comes from food blogger Rashmi Primlani, from The Primlani Kitchen. It’s introduced as a way to start the day, I see it as a lovely treat after a light dinner. Either way, it looks delicious. Rashmi does describes her own recipe,”Sweet corn pancakes, savory and delicate, is a perfect summer brunch, especially when it […]

USA Special: American Pancakes

To round off our USA Specials in honour of the recent elections here’s a recipe for American Pancakes. I’m sure President Obama tucks into these to get him through his morning! There are many different variations but this recipe includes blueberries and bananas and a special ingredient to make them lovely and fluffy. Oh, and not […]