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Take Your Home Made Loaf One Step Further With Caramelised Onions

Do you like making bread? Feel like it’s time to experiment a little? This video from Home Cooking Adventure shows you how to add caramelised onions to your loaf.  Just a little prep is required, you need to make the caramelised onions before you starting mixing the main ingredients. I like the added chopped green onion, gives it […]

Jamie Oliver’s Essential Skills That Every Amateur Chef Should Know

  With the advent of TV and YouTube, we can now learn the basic skills that the professionals use. There are some great chefs who are more than keen to share their knowledge. One of the most obvious is Jamie Oliver. I found some great videos where Jamie demonstrates the basic skills you need to know. […]

Stuck For Lunch Ideas? Try Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Peas And Parma Ham

Need something quick for lunch yet filling? This recipe from Rick Stein takes little preparation and ready before you know it. The ingredients are few in number and you probably have them already. Serve with crusty bread and perhaps a glass of chilled white wine, however you do it this recipe is a must try. […]

Grilled Salmon Salad With Greens, Red Onion & Fresh Strawberries

Despite the weather being cold and going outside is the last thing you want to do, I still love the idea of lunch time salads. Something nice and light that fills and yet not leaving you feeling stuffed. This is why this Grilled Salmon Salad from food blogger Adriana Martin of ‘Adriana’s Best Recipes’ caught my eye.

Grilling is a healthier way of cooking but you do have to keep an eye when it’s salmon. Get it right it’s lovely, over do it and it’s not. I can see this as a great starter if it was scaled down. As a lunch time treat it’s perfect as it is but made smaller with the fish draped over those leaves, lovely…

Smashed avacado with crispy chicken

I refuse to come to terms with the fact it’s almost September and that horrible feeling of autumn being just around the corner. It’s still the summer so let’s celebrate with this wonderful recipe for smashed avacado with crispy chicken, pickled onions and tortillas. This recipe is both colourful and flavourful and is great for picnics, […]

How to make your own coleslaw your way

What a curious thing is coleslaw. It’s often bought as instant salad for barbecue ‘s or you might have it as a side dish in small plastic containers from fast food restaurants (fried chicken comes to mind). We all like it but never think anything of it. It’s just something you have. The ingredients are pretty simple, it […]

Something for vegetarian’s, baked aubergines

I’ve just come back from my local Saturday market, loads of great seasonal fruit and veg. Packed amongst the cabbages, carrots and onions are aubergines. The more I cook with them the more I like them. Recently I tried a variation of the aubergine curry that we mention way back in our Indian week. Seeing as they […]

Onion soup, something warm and hearty for cold winter evenings

Nothing beats a warming bowl of soup on cold days. Some how it just seems able to reach down and warm you up. For me, one of the nicest soups is onion soup, especially as the markets are still a good source of supply. The humble onion is pretty much a staple these days. There […]

How to finely chop an onion

Today’s tip come from Chef Gordon Ramsay. He shows you how to chop an onion in what seems to be a fairly easy way. Every budding chef should have good knife skills…

Indian Week: Spinach & Onion Bhajis by Reg!

This week we are turning up the spice level and going Indian! Today we see the very funny and ever so slightly eccentric Reg making spinach and onion bhajis. I absolutely love these and often have one if I’m at an Indian restaurant or having a take-away but now I can make my own whenever […]