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Fabulous Vegetarian Christmas Dishes Even A Meat Eater Would Love

Can you really enjoy a vegetarian Christmas dinner? Yep, of course you can! From what I can see, celebrity chefs are bringing to the fore some really exciting dishes. I’m not expecting Gordon Ramsay to put out a vegetarian cook book any time soon though. However, people like Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith have come […]

Nutty Fudge Day

Apparently today is Nutty Fudge Day – don’t ask me why it is today in particular but having discovered thisĀ I think a fudge recipe is in order, don’t you?! Here’s a little history behind fudge….. Between the crunchy nuts and chocolatey smooth fudge flavour, it’s hard to resist nutty fudge! Fudge was accidentally invented in […]

Sweet & Sticky and Chilli-coated nuts

Whether you are holding a Christmas drinks party or having an evening in decorating your Christmas tree whilst drinking mulled wine, the recipe for these savoury nuts will go down a treat. They are easy to make and they sure beat buying a packet of nuts from the supermarket. The question is – how long […]