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Jamie Oliver’s Alcohol Free Summer Fruit Punch

Most recipes for a summer fruit punch do seem to end up being rather alcoholic. They often have whole bottles of rosé or red wine poured in along with the other ingredients. For a change, how about this recipe from Jamie Oliver that uses only fruit. No sugar is added and the only garnish is […]

Christmas Drinks Week: Cranberry Cutie Cocktail

This is the final Christmas drink idea of the week and we are ending it with a non-alcoholic Cranberry Cutie Cocktail. Great for those who don’t drink, have to drive or, of course, if you are too young to partake in an alcoholic beverage! This is a really easy cocktail to make and vibrant in colour from the cranberry […]

Cocktail Week: Orange Mojito Mocktail

It makes a refreshing change to be offered something a little more exciting than just a glass of water or a fizzy drink if you are designated driver on a night out, pregnant or indeed you just choose to be tee-total. Therefore I’ve found a recipe for an Orange Mojito ‘mocktail’ which is easy to make […]