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Nigella’s Fusilli Pasta With Easy To Make Sicilian Pesto

In this video, Nigella cooks up an easy to make pasta dish with an ‘all you have to do is blend‘ pesto. The pasta looks just like springy telephone cables, which I’m sure kids would love. The pesto itself needs a few ingredients but as no cooking is required, it’s fairly quick and easy to make. You’ve […]

BBC Announces Special Seasonal Version Of Simply Nigella

According to the BBC, Nigella Lawson has a special ‘Simply Nigella program’ coming up in December. The actual date is given as Monday 14 December but no time specified as yet. I can’t bring myself to say what the special is for, were’re still in November! Surely it’s too early. I really can’t say the word, […]

Christmas Desserts: Italian Christmas Pudding Cake

It’s Christmas Desserts week! Today’s idea is for an Italian Christmas Pudding Cake from dessert queen Nigella Lawson. It will look wonderful presented to your guests on Christmas Day as an alternative to old fashioned English Christmas pudding. You can get ahead by a couple of days with this recipe too, just adding the finishing […]