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Rachel Khoo’s Roasted Rhubarb And Almond Pudding

While researching for today’s post, I realised that I really haven’t mentioned rhubarb all that much. Though not actually a true fruit, most of the time that is how we treat it and use it as such. As I’m sure you’re aware, rhubarb is often used in pies, tarts and particularly goes well in crumbles. Due to […]

Making Crumpets With Paul Hollywood

I know it’s summer, we’re waiting for the rain to go away and looking for a clear sky so we can light our BBQ’s with some kind of confidence. However, this is a Paul Hollywood video and he’s making crumpets. Is there anything more English than crumpets other than grilling sausages while holding an umbrella over […]

Drunken Banana Cobbler – A Great Guest Post by Kim Williams

    It’s Sunday. I’m home alone.  What to do, what to do? I meander through the house, stumble into the kitchen and I spot them.  Overripe bananas! I could make banana bread but that is so cliche!  I look around the room, and bam!  An unopened bottle of Original Spiced Captain Morgan rum.  I […]

Stop Buying Ricotta And Make Your Own At Home!

Making ricotta is just as easy as making paneer. Yes, it’s really that easy! If you check out my post about Paneer, you’ll see that it’s just a matter of boiling whole milk then forcing it to split with lemon juice or vinegar. It is just another cheese but it’s softer and spreadable. The only difference […]

Paneer, A Simple Cheese Anyone Can Make

I love Indian food, any excuse to make a spicy curry. I like to explore the flavours and textures. Most recipes involve vegetables and spices, not to difficult to do as I have a lovely market on my door step twice a week. However, there’s one thing I’ve not tried and that’s making paneer. It’s […]

Chocolate Week: Devil’s Food Cake

In this post we visit again the kitchen of Martha Stewart. She creates the dream cake, Devil’s Food Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting. Basically cake with more chocolate than you can shake a rather large stick at! Martha is never one to skimp on the niceties such as sugar, butter and of course ample amounts of chocolate. The […]

Baking week: Bread and butter pudding for those chilly evenings

The whether is changing and the evenings are getting cooler. So what better way to warm yourself up than with a lovely bread and butter pudding! While the bread he uses appears to be from a sliced pack, I am sure you could use alternatives such as gluten free or whole meal. Choice is yours so experiment […]