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How To Make The Cornish Pasty, The Lunchtime Filler!

Recently, I’ve been favouring recipes that are more suited to evening meals. I guess that’s mainly due to last weeks sausage week and Bonfire night. So I’ve kinda been ignoring hot and filling lunch time ideas. If you’ve been out working in the cold then something to warm you up again would be most welcome! You could […]

Grab Your Toaster, It’s Time You Made Sweet Potato Toast

Have you tried a recipe that uses sweet potato? There’s a few good ones in the Cookery Ideas archive, such as ‘Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes With A Fabulous Dip‘, ‘Slow Cooker Ropa Vieja Stuffed Sweet Potato‘ and ‘Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes – Vegan Or Vegetarian, The Choice Is Yours!‘ All great ideas but have you tried sweet […]

Exciting School Packed Lunches Your Kids Will actually Want To Eat

Today kids all over the UK go back to school after the long summer break. Parents everywhere have sorted out school clothes and bags, made packed lunches and ensured their children made it to the school gates. As you return to your home, peace and quiet reigns again. If you’re looking to celebrate this then check […]

Cheese Please! Fab Ideas For Brunch, Lunch And Just Because!

Are you a cheese lover? Who can resist a generous slice of brie, camembert or roquefort. There are so many amazing varieties out there – feta is great in a salad, parmesan with spaghetti and the world’s most favourite has to be cheddar. So many cheeses and so many wonderful recipes that use them. There’s simply not […]

Big List Of Low-Carb Lunches That You Will love

If you are in to low-carb, I bet you have a great selection of recipes for evening meals. But how are you getting on for lunch time recipes? Still looking for inspiration? Buzz Feed recently shared 23 Low-Carb Lunches That Will Actually Fill You Up. If you think that restricting your carbs means boring lunches, […]

Hot packed lunch tummy-filler ideas

Do you struggle thinking about what to have for lunch everyday at work? Do you need ideas as to what to give the kids for lunch if they take a pack-up? Well struggle no more! I’ve come across a great website called Supersavvyme which is packed full of ideas from what to do with leftover […]

Prawn sweet chilli noodle salad

Whether you take yours to work, eat it on the run or have it at home it’s always difficult I think to come up with inspiring ideas when it comes to lunchtime. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of either having a soup or a sarnie and I think it’s always nice to […]