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Hard To Resist And Totally Outrageous Bubble Waffles!

New York may well have a place serving edible cookie dough, but London has Bubble Waffles! The bubble waffle and bubble tea company Nosteagia is behind this outrageous dessert. You have to admit they do look damn good and certainly worth a trip to London to try one out! Buzzfeed went to take a look and posted […]

Want to Take A Cookery Class? Now You Can With A Discount!

With the kids back at school and summer slowly coming to an end, I thought I would gently remind you about taking a cookery class with L’atelier des Chefs. If you saw my recent post about them then you will know about the exciting courses you can take… Located in London, the L’atelier Des Chefs have training schools near Oxford Circus […]

Take A Cooking Class And Boost Your Culinary Skills

Have you been thinking about improving your culinary skills?  It’s something I’ve been thinking about as I know I could do a lot better. With September approaching, which means kids going back to school, now could be a good time to book a cooking class. Unless you live in close proximity to a cookery school or you have […]