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Three Top Dishes From Rick Stein That Don’t Break Budgets

I still think Rick Stein is one of the best celebrity chefs on TV. He’s fairly laid back, full of stories and has some really great recipes. As a TV chef, he’s been around the world exploring the cuisines of many continents. He’s traveled around France, Spain and India. I particularly liked his adventures around […]

More Lovely Dishes You Can Make With Pumpkins!

It’s time for more pumpkin recipes! I’ve tried to avoid the standard soup, bread and cake ideas and instead I have some alternatives for you to try. My first post on pumpkins featured Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo which had three great recipes from them. I now have three more ideas, in video form,  from very creative chefs that […]

Happiness Is A Hot Bowl Of Soup On A Chilly Day

In my part of the world, the mornings are getting colder and afternoon temperatures are getting lower. It’s the time of year when I start turning to soups to keeps me warm, especially after I’ve been on a long bike ride. The beauty of soups is that they can range from the simple to the complicated. You can […]

Rachel Khoo’s Chorizo And Lentil Hot Pots

Fancy something a bit spicy? This recipe from Rachel Khoo features a chili, paprika and Chorizo. It’s a lentil stew with the addition of spice and tomatoes. Something that can be made ready in half an hour, so she says! Lentils can be very filling so if you want something quick in the evenings then […]

Moussaka with a twist

Despite Greece’s financial problems, they are in the Olympics and currently 62nd place with 2 medals. Which I guess is better than last with no medals. Anyway, if I asked you what their national dish was I am sure you would know – Moussaka! Well I have found a recipe from Delia Smith, the once renowned TV […]