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In A Hurry? Try This Three Ingredient Pasta Dish!

How many ingredients do you actually need to make a lovely pasta dish? If you’re thinking of four or five then think again! This simple recipe from Delish uses just spaghetti, a lemon and parmesan cheese. As in many restricted ingredient recipes, the seasoning doesn’t count. I really like this pasta dish because it’s quick and easy to make. If you’re […]

Fresh Spring Desserts are Blooming!

The most amazing things happen during Spring. No matter if it’s foods or flowers, everything is colorful, fresh, new and delicious! My mission in life this time of year is to find the elusive Meyer Lemon. Meyer lemons are a citrus fruit native to China thought to be a cross between a lemon and either a mandarin […]

Thinking Ahead For Easter, Roasted Strawberry Lemon Loaf

Easter is coming up in a few weeks, and that typically means I will spend the next couple of days writing a million and one lists out with what to serve, my grocery list, and overdose on coffee trying to make sure I have everything planned. It’s not a system I would recommend for the faint […]

Three Special Brunch Ideas Just for Mom

Mother’s Day is not only a celebration honoring one’s own mother, but to also honor motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. I was a “mama’s girl” and think of her often. I remember how the simple things in life made her so happy; shelling peas and snapping beans on the front porch, enjoying pound cake and a […]

Martha Stewart’s Stunning Lemon Soufflés

I found this gorgeous dessert recipe on the Martha Stewart website. It actually uses a lemon as the container for a lemon soufflé, certainly saves on washing up but presentation wise – what a great idea! Looks fantastic and sure to impress when presented to friends and family. I’m sure this  recipe could be adapted for other […]

Carrot & Lemon Thyme Risotto

Carrots are grown throughout the year here in the UK and are a great source of beta-carotene, are high in fibre and low in calories. They are also apparently eco-friendly so let’s do our bit for the environment and take a look at a great recipe which incorporates this crunchy, orange vegetable with a dish […]

Gennaro on Friday: Ricotta & Lemon Tart

It’s that time of week again where we feature a recipe from the wonderful Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo. Today our featured recipe is for ricotta and lemon tart and the video to go with the recipe also features Antonio Carluccio, another Italian legend! This dessert would go wonderfully with some single cream or simply eaten […]

Barbecued pork with sage, lemon and prosciutto

It’s barbeque season – woohoo! Now I love a good barbie but none of your cheap sausages or burgers for me thanks….I love different things to bung on the coals (or gas!) and it would definitely include this recipe for barbecued pork with a tasty paste made from sage, lemon and prosciutto. Treat your guests to something […]

Going French with Raspberry and Lemon Madeleines

Madeleines are very popular in France. Consumed at breakfast with a bowl of hot chocolate and eaten by young children when they get back from school – quatre heures. They are massed produce for supermarkets and a sign of a great chef when they are made absolutely perfectly. Are you brave enough to give it […]

Lemon cheesecake

Are you ever stuck for dessert ideas and don’t have time for baking? This recipe for lemon cheesecake is a no-bake creation from James Martin and can be made in advance giving you more time to get on with other things. The lemons will give this cheesecake a lovely refreshing taste and is sure to […]