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Seasonal meat, Spring lamb & chickpea stew

May and June is a great time for eating  UK lamb, mainly because it is at its most tender. As the season progresses the flavour develops. Spring lamb is fantastic for roasting simply with garlic and herbs, autumn lamb is great when given a spicier, more adventurous treatment. For those of you who are looking […]

Easter roast – Moroccan style leg of lamb

One of the traditions of Easter is a big family get together with a big roast. We are already in Lent where fasting is supposed to take place. So by Easter Sunday we are all going to be starving! If you are not already full of chocolate bunnies then a big roast with all the […]

Gordon Ramsay’s stuffed saddle of lamb

In preparation for Easter bank holiday weekend what better way to start this week than with a recipe for a beautiful lamb dish. Gordon Ramsay shows us in this video how to cook a saddle of lamb stuffed with spinach and mushrooms. I must admit I would probably come unstuck when I got to the tying of the […]

The Mother’s Day selection: Roast shoulder of lamb with herbs and honey

As Mother’s Day traditionally falls on a Sunday why not combine it with a good hearty roast? This recipe for roast shoulder of lamb with herbs and honey is taken from the BBC Food website and looks delicious and I’m sure any mother would be happy to sample it! This dish serves 4 people and only […]