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The Bacon Grill For Perfectly Grilled Bacon Every Time!

You will want this bacon grill! Think about it for a moment. Are you so addicted to bacon that you wish you had some way of cooking it whenever you wanted? And cooked beautifully each time without the mess? Well, now you can with the Nostalgia Products BACON EXPRESS™… “Welcome to a healthier way to cook bacon […]

Kitchen Multi-Tools You Will Actually Want To Buy

If you ever found a spatula, like you would use to flip a steak or a burger, almost useless because things slide off or just don’t last long (they never seem to be built to last) – then these kitchen multi-tools will be of great interest to you! The design company TNK, based in the Netherlands, […]

Three Kitchen Gadgets For Bagel Lovers

Do you love bagels? If you do then I hope you saw our recent post about Renee at Magnolia Days and her cornmeal bagels. Well, while looking through Amazon I came across some kitchen items you might want to get. For instance, this simple but handy item for slicing them in half… Amazon calls it […]

Is This The Best Value Kitchen Thermometer Ever?

Earlier this week I posted about favourite kitchen tools and gadgets. Well, to add to that list of essential items is this handy gadget found on Amazon. Many recipes call for precise temperatures, either because you need to ensure meat has been cooked correctly or you are jam or cheese making. Whatever the reason, having a thermometer that […]

Mary Berry Launches New Kitchen Range Of Products

If you are a big fan of Mary Berry then you will be interested in her new range of kitchen products. There’s not to much detail but to quote the blog post… I have launched an exciting new range of kitchen products and gifts for Sainsburys and John Lewis.  All my favourite things, quality textiles, ceramic […]

Possibly the only kitchen cheat sheet you will ever need

One of my favourite websites, Lifehacker, has posted a really handy cheat sheet. It contains weight measurements, butchers cuts etc etc. It one of those things to print out and put in to a recipe book or stick on the inside of a cupboard door. From This Kitchen Cheat Sheet Has Weights, Measures, Cuts of Meat, […]

What are your top 5 essential kitchen items?

I love to cook and there are certain items in my kitchen that I can’t just do with out. They have become part of my cooking life over a long period, picking up bargin’s as and when I see them. As I like to make my own sauces and spice mixes, there are some rather practical […]