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Posts tagged keith floyd 2012

Keith Floyd week: Toulouse Cassoulet

This is the last Keith Floyd post, being as it’s Friday today. However I am sure we will be coming back to this great chef in the future. I have watched many videos where he has not only cooked great dishes but also entertained in a way we won’t see again. If you want to […]

Keith Floyd Week: Moules Mariniere, Keith Floyd style…

The wonderful ingredient of mussels are what Keith Floyd is showing us today in his easy step-by-step video. I must confess to never having cooked mussels before but have certainly eaten them on a number of occasions, the last being on a recent visit to Arcachon with Bob. Of course we had to have them with […]

Keith Floyd week: Rabbit and bacon

I have selected today’s Keith Floyd video not just because of what he is cooking but also for his presentation style. I really like the way mistakes are kept in and how he orders the camera man around. Typical Keith Floyd style that we all love. The recipe he is cooking is rabbit and bacon, […]

Keith Floyd Week: Pork Stew in Centurian Sauce

Continuing with our Keith Floyd week I’ve found a very entertaining video of him in a cold and rainy Northumberland from his ‘Floyd on Britain and Ireland’ series cooking Pork Stew in Centurian Sauce. He doesn’t look or sound particularly impressed but ends up educating the viewer as to what the Romans may have eaten back in […]

Keith Floyd Week: Duck and green peas

We start this week of ‘Keith Floyd cooking’ with him standing in a middle of a field, in Norfolk. With his smart looking yellow waistcoat, he demonstrates how to cook Duck with green peas. As usual he takes total control telling the camera man where to point and total disregard for how TV programs are supposed to […]