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Jamie Oliver’s Alcohol Free Summer Fruit Punch

Most recipes for a summer fruit punch do seem to end up being rather alcoholic. They often have whole bottles of rosé or red wine poured in along with the other ingredients. For a change, how about this recipe from Jamie Oliver that uses only fruit. No sugar is added and the only garnish is […]

Food Fight! Which Of These Sausage Recipes Do You Think Is Best?

What’s a food fight you may ask, especially when it comes to sausage recipes? Well, at this time of year, a lovely British banger is exactly what you need. It may be raining outside, or possibly snowing but everything is made better with a lovely meaty sausage! The question is though, how best to cook them? I’ve selected […]

More Scary Halloween Recipes That Your Little Monsters Will Love

Halloween is only days away now. Either you’re very excited about the whole thing or you’re hoping it will all go away. it seems that most kids love it though, especially if they are getting free sweets out of it and can dress up as their favourite character! For those who are looking forward to it, I’ve […]

Classic Potato Dishes That Still Look Great On A Plate!

A potato is a wonderfully versatile thing. You can bake it in the oven, turn it into chips or use it in pancakes and curries. But you can also do rather fancy things with a spud. Ever watched Masterchef and seen delicious roast beef served with gratin dauphinois? You gotta admit, the whole thing looks great and the dauphinois looks every bit as good […]

Top 5 Selling Cookbooks On Amazon, Includes Jo Wicks And Jamie Oliver

I love perusing the cookbook section of Amazon UK. Loads of great books to choose from but for me, that can sometimes make it difficult to select just one to buy. The great thing about Amazon though, is that you can find out which books are popular and which ones have the best reviews. Anything that helps to […]

Jamie Oliver’s Easter Lamb

What will you be cooking this Easter? This recipe from Jamie Oliver for Easter lamb looks delicious and is brushed with a mixture of garlic and mint…I can just imagine the smell oozing from the oven as this roasts. Served with fresh spring veg and boiled or roast potatoes this recipe does sound yummy. If […]

Lamb Lagoto – Greek Style Stew

Cold, dark and damp evenings are nothing to look forward to at the end of a busy day but this recipe for lamb lagoto should certainly warm you up nicely. It’s a Greek style slow cooked stew by Andy Harris who is the editor of the Jamie Magazine. There aren’t too many ingredients but that […]

Jamie Oliver – The UK’s Best Known Chef

Jamie Oliver has been able to maintain a very successful career since leaving college aged 16. His professional life started with being a pastry chef at Antonio Carluccio’s Neal’s Yard restaurant, where he first gained experience with preparing Italian cuisine. He met his life long friend Gennaro Contaldo who quickly became his mentor. Then television […]

How To Prepare Garlic With Jamie Oliver

I love garlic, especially when it’s been pickled. It has so many uses, from adding flavour to roasts right through to Chinese dishes. What I wasn’t aware of though is that flavour of it changes depending on how you prepare it. How you prepare garlic depends on what it’s going into. If you are making […]

Jamie Olivers Stir-Frying Tips

I love a good stir-fry and often use a fresh salmon fillet to go with all my stir-fry vegetables. It’s a really quick meal to make and is great for using up any vegetables you may have lurking in your fridge. However, do you know the best way to make use of your wok? In […]