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Lemon cheesecake

Are you ever stuck for dessert ideas and don’t have time for baking? This recipe for lemon cheesecake is a no-bake creation from James Martin and can be made in advance giving you more time to get on with other things. The lemons will give this cheesecake a lovely refreshing taste and is sure to […]

Pasta with winter ratatouille

We are always hearing how we should try and eat ‘five a day’. If you find this difficult then why not try out this recipe for pasta with winter ratatouille from chef James Martin. Packed full of vegetables and quick to prepare this dish would make a great mid-week supper for all the family. Serves 4. […]

Did you get enough chocolate this week?

This week we have focused on chocolate, an essential in everyone’s life! There have been some great ideas, did you try any of them? If you plan to then don’t forget to take a pictures, especially the end result. We will then post them right here on the blog! Anyway, on to this weeks posts… Chocolate Week: […]

Chocolate Week: James Martin and Chocolate Truffle Fondants

James Martin of Saturday Kitchen Fame shows us how to create a Chocolate Truffle Fondants. For a perfect finished article, you will need a set of scales, James recommends digital scales as they give a more accurate measurement. If you can get your preparation done right then you should have no troubles making this lovely dessert! […]

Guy Fawkes Specials: Gunpowder Plot punch

While you and your friends are outside enjoying your fireworks display you will certainly want something to warm you up. So why not try today’s idea from James Martin which is a Gunpowder Plot punch! Packed full of flavour it is sure to be a hit with adults and children. Why not take some in a Thermos if […]

Potato Week: Potato Tart with Sardines & Roasted Tomatoes

So our penultimate posting for Potato Week is a great recipe which was featured on the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen. Now I will admit to having a tiny crush on James Martin so researching this video wasn’t difficult! James actually de-heads and guts the sardines himself but if this isn’t something you would relish then ask your fishmonger […]