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‘The Cool Side Of Summer’, The Essential Collection Of Italian Frozen Treats

The lovely Manuela from Manu’s Menu has published her first ebook – The Cool Side Of Summer. It’s a collection of her own recipes aimed to keep you cool during the hot weather. As the talented Manu is from Italy, the book contains authentic recipes that you can make. It’s also at a great price, […]

Gary Rhodes cream free spaghetti carbonara

In this video, Chef Gary Rhodes cooks an authentic spaghetti carbonara in Italy. It’s a quick and easy Lazio style recipe that results in a lovely dish. Great for an out door evening meal or perhaps even as a light lunch. We often think of a carbonara as having loads of cream and a topping of […]

Italian week: make your own Gnocchi, serve with gorgonzola!

Friday already! The weekend is coming and this is our last post for Italian week. Today we have chef Giorgio Locatelli demonstrating how to make Gnocchi. Seems fairly simple as it uses flour, eggs and potatoes. What really attracts me to this is the final dish he creates. The idea of Gnocchi with strong cheese sounds […]

Italian week: Gennaro Contaldo cooks a mushroom risotto

If you have watched Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at Home TV series then you would’ve seen Gennaro Contaldo making the odd appearance. He has had his own TV programs and also cooked on Saturday Kitchen. For more, take a look at Gennaro’s Wikipedia page. In this clip, we see Gennaro cooking a lovely looking risotto. His enthusiasm shows through as […]