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Gennaro Contaldo’s Hearty Minestrone Soup

The weather has fooled us again with a chilly spell but a good hearty minestrone soup will see us through it. There’s nothing better than a bowl full of lovely vegetables. It’s the kind of soup that while cooking, fills the room with a smell that makes you hungry. Would you say no to a big […]

Gennaro’s Homemade Italian Meatball Sub (Sandwich!)

There is a rather popular ‘fast food’ company who provides sandwiches with fillings that you can customise. I shan’t name them but for some reason they choose to use the word ‘sub’ when the word sandwich is perfectly correct and useable. After all, when a filling is applied between two pieces of bread, you get […]

Gennaro’s Italian Pan Fried Mackerel & Polenta

Are you ready for a bit of Italian magic? The worlds most passionate chef is back with another amazing recipe! Gennaro Contaldo takes mackerel fillets, covers them with polenta and simply fries them in a pan. This leaves them with a lovely crispy finish. They are served on top of caramelised peppers, cooked with chilli, garlic […]

Stop Buying Ricotta And Make Your Own At Home!

Making ricotta is just as easy as making paneer. Yes, it’s really that easy! If you check out my post about Paneer, you’ll see that it’s just a matter of boiling whole milk then forcing it to split with lemon juice or vinegar. It is just another cheese but it’s softer and spreadable. The only difference […]

Three Great Pasta Dishes From Three Great Italian Chefs

We all love pasta, from the passionate amateur trying to create something authentic to the student who needs something cheap to eat. Kids love a good spaghetti dish mainly for the mess they can make! What ever the reason, it is and always will be a favourite. We have three great recipes from three great Italian […]

Forget The Cold And Think Of Summer With This Lovely Gnocchi Dish!

Recently, I had the misfortune to try out a small restaurant that’s part of a chain that specialises in pasta. The chain is called Noooi, yes a strange word – would telling you the restaurant is France explain things? I ordered the gnocchi but let’s just say the experience was not a good one, fairly […]

Impress This Summer With Simona’s Cherry Bavarois

It’s Food Blogger Friday again and have we got a treat for you! This lovely dessert comes from Italian Simona Cherubini who runs a blog called Simona’s Kitchen. Not only is her dessert impressive but she also writes in three languages! The Cherry Bavarois dessert is, as described by Simona, ‘particularly suitable for summer lunch or dinner, […]

Gennaro On Friday: Chocolate Amaretto Pudding

This is our last in the series of ‘Gennaro on Friday‘ but we do end with a great recipe. It’s a lovely yet simple dessert that should appeal to just about everyone. The most expensive part is the Amaretto but as a small amount is required, mostly for flavouring (wink wink) then it should last […]

Simona’s Frolla Al Farro (spelt shortbread)

If you are looking for a nice tart to make but one that is slightly different and gluten free then we can help. It’s made with spelt flour, the same stuff we featured in a Nigel Slater recipe (spelt biscuits). It’s also quite quick and simple and just needs a fruit filling to complete it. […]

Making perfect Pasta with Gennaro Contaldo

There is one chef who you can’t say is lacking in love and passion for food. Gennaro Contaldo always comes across as someone who loves to cook, yes I know he is Italian but he seems more passionate than normal! In the following two videos, he demonstrates how to make the perfect dough for pasta and […]