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Posts tagged italian week 2012

Italian week: make your own Gnocchi, serve with gorgonzola!

Friday already! The weekend is coming and this is our last post for Italian week. Today we have chef Giorgio Locatelli demonstrating how to make Gnocchi. Seems fairly simple as it uses flour, eggs and potatoes. What really attracts me to this is the final dish he creates. The idea of Gnocchi with strong cheese sounds […]

Italian Week: Jamie Oliver’s chocolatey Tiramisu

It’s Italian dessert time! I’ve found a great recipe from Jamie Oliver today who is making a scrummy chocolatey tiramisu along with his great friend Genarro Contaldo while sitting by a canal in Venice. Genarro and Jamie make a great double act and the video is therefore entertaining as always. What you will need to […]

Italian week: Gennaro Contaldo cooks a mushroom risotto

If you have watched Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at Home TV series then you would’ve seen Gennaro Contaldo making the odd appearance. He has had his own TV programs and also cooked on Saturday Kitchen. For more, take a look at Gennaro’s Wikipedia page. In this clip, we see Gennaro cooking a lovely looking risotto. His enthusiasm shows through as […]

Italian Week: Nigella Lawson’s Meatzza

Today’s Italian recipe is a Meatzza from Nigella Lawson’s new series called Nigellissima and is a doughless meat pizza. She keeps this recipe simple but you could of course try a variety of different toppings to suit you and your guests. Easy to prepare and fairly quick to cook this would make a great dinner and is sure to […]

Italian week: bread and butter pudding Gino D’Acampo style!

We kick off this new week with recipes that are Italian, or at least influenced by that great nation. Will we do pizza? Will we do spaghetti? You had better stay tuned this week and find out! To start us off is the popular and the far too good looking Gino D’Acampo. This young man has […]