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Small Objects Of Desire – The Cupcakes Of Instagram!

In my continued efforts to make you smile when it’s oh-so-horrible’ outside, I bring you some of the loveliest cupcakes of Instagram! They are gorgeous, cleverly made and very desirable! There’s just so many toppings and flavours. If you’re not feeling hungry after checking them out, then there’s something very wrong! Let me know what […]

10 Fabulous Cakes That will Make You Instantly Hungry!

With Christmas and New Year behind us, it time to face a chilly January. I don’t know about you but I’m not quite ready for that yet! Instead of lamenting about the weather, heading back to work and the lack of sunshine – I thought I’d cheer us all up with some pictures of fabulous […]

Grab Your Toaster, Even More Great Ideas For Sweet Potato Toast!

At the beginning of last October, I mentioned how sweet potato toast was becoming the latest new ‘thing’ (Grab Your Toaster, It’s Time You Made Sweet Potato Toast). It has become much more that than now, for example Instagram is full of great ideas with gorgeous pictures. The ‘sweet potato toast’ idea has been around for […]