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The Only Kebab Worth Having Is Made Of Chocolate!

  If you saw a kebab made of chocolate, would you say no? Of course not, who would? What would you put with your chocolate kebab though? What other dessert like ingredients would you want to include? Your thoughts and ideas in the comments below please…   Original idea by Original ChocoWrap Dessert Truck, found […]

Ice Cream Tacos, The Ultimate Summer Dessert?

Ice cream tacos are real and I want one now! The rolled up dessert with loads of lovely flavours wrapped up inside is currently all the rage in Los Angeles. I can’t think of anything else that I would rather be having this summer! Let’s hope someone gets inspired and brings them our way! Fork […]

Three Great ‘Comfort Food’ Recipes You Need To See

I’ve been looking through the weeks posts from the ‘foodie blogosphere’ for comfort food. There’s been some really fab ideas that need a mention. The recipes I’ve selected for today are great examples of comfort food, ones that I would just love to have. The sort of things that I will definitely be in the mood for this […]

Treat Yourself To This Easy To Make 3 Ingredient Mango Sorbet!

I keep a keen eye on the recipes that pop up on my Facebook feed. It’s a great place to find inspiration. However, in the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed an increase in ideas for home made ice cream. For many, February has been wet, windy and cold. I don’t really know why ice […]

Nigel Slater’s Simple Fruity Ice Cream

In this video, Nigel puts together an easy ice cream with apricots, meringue and a black berry compote. At no point is a blender or ice cream maker used. It’s hand blended to create a lovely swirly pattern of black berry compote. Extra texture is provided by crunched up meringue. If you can wait the […]

Cinco de Mayo Gone Wild! Two Irresistible Treats To Try

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! Wave the banners and shake the maracas! I love Mexican food and there are literally thousands of recipes I could share with you. As I know you are going to see many of these, I thought I’d share my two most fun recipes for a seriously fun fiesta! You just can’t […]

5 Great Ice Cream Treats You’ll Want To Try At Home

Looks like it’s going to be a warm weekend for many, those who are lucky enough will be having a relaxing BBQ and enjoying a glass of something nice. However, can anything beat a bowl of ice cream? Right now, there are food bloggers out there sharing fantastic ideas involving ice cream. Super flavours, simple […]

Roasted Apricot Honey Ice Cream

While the hot weather continues, it seems totally appropriate to mention ice cream. Nothing tastes better than home made ice cream and if you want to give it a go then I have found a treasure trove of recipes just for you! Kate Donahue of Food Babbles has recently posted not just one great recipe […]

Ice cream recipes

It’s been belting hot for the past few days and hopefully most of us have been able to eat al fresco whilst enjoying the sunshine. You may have dusted off your barbecue or even gone for a picnic. However, have you been hot enough to fancy an ice cream? Here are a couple of recipes for […]

Nigella’s ice cream cake – oh so naughty!

In this video Nigella Lawson creates an ice cream cake. Very simple yet looks so good. Yes there is a lot of sugar but I bet you have been very good this week so why not a treat! After all it has been very hot and you could do with something to cool you down…