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Spuds, Honey, Feta Cheese And A Handful Of Nuts

I am very in to cashew nuts at the moment, especially when put with pork and mushrooms in a sweet and sour Chinese. So while I was taking a look at my favourite cooking sites, I came across a recipe by food blogger Chris at Cooking Around the World – Honey Roasted Potatoes with Feta […]

Roasted Apricot Honey Ice Cream

While the hot weather continues, it seems totally appropriate to mention ice cream. Nothing tastes better than home made ice cream and if you want to give it a go then I have found a treasure trove of recipes just for you! Kate Donahue of Food Babbles has recently posted not just one great recipe […]

The Mother’s Day selection: Roast shoulder of lamb with herbs and honey

As Mother’s Day traditionally falls on a Sunday why not combine it with a good hearty roast? This recipe for roast shoulder of lamb with herbs and honey┬áis taken from the BBC Food website and looks delicious and I’m sure any mother would be happy to sample it! This dish serves 4 people and only […]

It’s Martini Time!

Continuing on the non-alcoholic theme, we have not one but three Martini’s! Create these wonderful drinks using ginger, lemonade or other citrus flavors, or even basil and honey. Perfect when you fancy a posh looking drink but don’t need the alcohol. Oh, the last drink he makes, he uses basil the herb, in case you […]