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Halloween week: bonus ideas, Sweet Severed Finger Cookies

Kids being what they are will love these treats. Based on a cookie recipe, these will surely delight and entertain at any Halloween party you have planned. You could even add some strawberry jam for extra effect! What you will need to make Halloween Sweet Severed Finger Cookies Almond flakes Cream cheese unsalted butter Icing […]

Halloween week: bonus ideas, Devil’s Food Cake with Martha Stewart

As Halloween is only a few days away, we thought we would extend our special week. The last idea we left you with was for Halloween Punch. This thoroughly devilish cake would be a perfect match for it. Martha Stewart takes us through the recipe dressed suitably for the occasion, long black hair and dressed as a witch. Well more like […]

Halloween Week: Halloween Punch

To round off our spooky week we have a great blood-red Halloween Punch recipe for both adults and kids alike. Perfect for a Halloween party this Punch can be as simple or as over the top as you feel like making it! For an adult themed party just add a slug of vodka or gin […]

Halloween week: Shrunken heads in cider, with Martha Stewart

Kids will have fun carving scary heads out of apples but I think is really something for the adults. I advise this as cider is in use and the recipe does suggest spiced rum as an addition. So keep out of reach from children, give it to the grown ups so that the whole of […]

Halloween Week: Meringue Ghosts!

Halloween is for kids and this recipe is perfect for them! So get them involved in creating these simple but lovely treats. The video features Stephanie Jaworski who is American, so a little translation is required. She mentions super fine sugar, for Us in Europe that would be icing sugar. For parchment paper, take that as […]

Halloween Week: Witches’ Ribs

We’ve got something very different for you today…are you brave enough to watch TV presenter Zoe Salmon counjure up some Witches’ Ribs in one of the most haunted houses in England? Simply put they are sticky, glossy and tender pork ribs perfect for a Halloween Party. I’m not sure she was at ease to be cooking this pork […]

Halloween week: Pumpkin and bacon soup

If you are not seeing pumpkins at your local market then you will soon. It’s that time of year again when we will be celebrating Halloween! When it comes to halloween and pumpkins, the very first thing anyone will think of is soup. It’s an obvious choice really because you need something to do with […]