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Jamie Oliver’s Grilled Lamb Kebabs

Here’s something new to try this weekend. Get out your blender and have a go at making your own grilled kebabs. All you need is lamb, cumin, chilli powder and salt and pepper. Jamie adds sumac for extra flavour but you can always leave it out or substitute it for something else. The kebabs are […]

Tzatziki, Learn To Make Your Own Fab Greek Dip

As far as I am concerned, Tzatziki is to Greek food as Mango chutney is to Indian. I love it with lamb or chicken and have in the past used it as an alternative to mayonnaise. If you are filling pitta bread or looking for something to go with Gyro then Tzatziki is the perfect […]

Jamie Oliver’s Greek Kebabs

For most of us the weather is lovely and hot. That means barbecue’s with friends and family. You could cook the normal things, burgers and sausages. Or you could take inspiration from this video. This recipe is taken from ‘Jamie does Athens’ TV series. It’s all simply done and looks great. I really want to […]