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Three Great Kitchen Tips From Gordon Ramsay

Today we take a look at three great kitchen tips from Gordon Ramsay. In the following videos, he shows how to skin a salmon, separate a chicken and how to prepare prawns. All very handy skills, nothing too difficult and any aspiring chef should know them. Skin and de-bone a salmon In the first video, […]

Steak – marinating and cooking

A nice juicy piece of steak is delicious especially if you are going to marinate it before cooking. However, have you ever cooked your steak and ended up with a piece of cardboard by mistake?! Or the other extreme of serving it up and it’s still practially raw inside? Everyone has their own preference when […]

Easter roast – Moroccan style leg of lamb

One of the traditions of Easter is a big family get together with a big roast. We are already in Lent where fasting is supposed to take place. So by Easter Sunday we are all going to be starving! If you are not already full of chocolate bunnies then a big roast with all the […]

Gordon Ramsay’s stuffed saddle of lamb

In preparation for Easter bank holiday weekend what better way to start this week than with a recipe for a beautiful lamb dish. Gordon Ramsay shows us in this video how to cook a saddle of lamb stuffed with spinach and mushrooms. I must admit I would probably come unstuck when I got to the tying of the […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Easy Vegetable Curry

Although Spring should really be on its way we have been having another cold spell here in the East of England. So what better way to warm yourself up than with this Easy Vegetable Curry from chef Gordon Ramsay. Using fresh vegetables, herbs and spices this would be great served with rice or simply on […]

Christmas Canapes: Prawn, Chorizo & Tomato Kebabs

The Christmas party season is now in full swing and if you are hosting a party you may need some ideas on what to feed your hungry guests. Therefore we are focussing on Christmas canapes this week and our first idea is for Prawn, Chorizo & Tomato Kebabs by chef Gordon Ramsay. These will look […]

Potato Week: Flavoursome Sautéed Potatoes

Today’s post is the last in our week of potato based dishes. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from and so many ways of cooking the humble potato but I’ve picked a simple saute potato recipe today from Gordon Ramsey. A great accompaniment to any meat or fish dish this involves the very basic of ingredients: Charlotte potatoes Oil Fresh […]