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Planning A Gluten-Free Christmas Is Easier Than You Would Think

As Christmas is now well and truly on the way, we wanted to show you just how easy planning a gluten-free Christmas can be. We recently showed you how to make a gluten-free Christmas cake and how simple it is. So we thought that we would carry on the Christmas theme with some tips for […]

The Gluten Free Christmas Cake Everyone Will Love

OK, it’s December and I can now officially start talking about Christmas. So let’s kick off with what for many is the the most important festive item on the menu, the Christmas cake. However, spare a thought for those that can’t process gluten, will they feel left out if they can’t eat your carefully crafted […]

Butternut Squash Soup, Easy To Make And Perfect For Lunch

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had been featuring mainly evening meals recently. So here’s another attempt to put things right. One of the easiest things to prepare for lunch is soup. Depending on what you’re using, they can take 20 to 30 minutes or a couple of hours. So lets take a look at the […]

Shave A Few Pennies Off Your Food Bill With Approved Food

While surfing around I came across a UK retailer with a rather interesting premise. They sell food items that are near their ‘best by’ date, quite often with a large discount. ¬†They do sell other items (household, health & beauty etc) but my interest is the food and I will explain why. First though, a […]

Great British Bake Off – “Free From” Week

It’s “free from” week in the tent for the Great British Bake Off contestants. Some of the bakers struggled with this concept – ice cream with no dairy, bread with no gluten and cake with no sugar. Lots to think about with the challenges this week. The first challenge is to make a cake using […]

Gluten Free Sundried Tomato Bread

I’ve been looking for an easy to make tomato bread for a while and have come across this one which is also gluten free. I’ve always been slightly put off the idea of making my own bread as I can’t be bothered with all the proving, rising, kneading etc. I don’t have a bread maker […]

Simona’s Frolla Al Farro (spelt shortbread)

If you are looking for a nice tart to make but one that is slightly different and gluten free then we can help. It’s made with spelt flour, the same stuff we featured in a Nigel Slater recipe (spelt biscuits). It’s also quite quick and simple and just needs a fruit filling to complete it. […]

Crispy chicken with tomato & asparagus

Well what a swelteringly hot day it’s been here in the UK today! Far too hot to be slaving over a hot stove or preparing a lengthy meal for lunch or supper. Therefore why not try out this quick recipe, which is also gluten free,¬†from Jamie Oliver for crispy chicken with tomato and asparagus? You […]