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How To Make Authentic Spanish Patatas Bravas

Hola!! Today I am going to make one of the most typical Spanish tapas.PATATAS BRAVAS! Oh my! I love bravas. Bravas are something you would order when meeting a friend after work or a day of classes, (or anytime). And best enjoyed sitting at an outdoor cafe with a glass of wine or a beer. They are […]

Comments Wanted: What’s The Best Way To Preserve Chilies?

This weekend past, I visited my local supplier of exotic foods stuffs. I had run low on various things and it was time to stock up. For reasons unknown, chilies are totally absent at my local market. If they do make an appearance then they are very expensive! To ensure that I have a some stock […]

How To Make The Best Wild Garlic Pesto Ever

  This jar of emerald green oily paste is SO BUFF and really versatile. So far I’ve had it on courgetti (obvs), on a pizza base (more on that to come) and smeared it on toast, inside chicken and eaten it straight off the spoon. All you need is a blender. Actually all you really […]

Maple Pork Skewers With Rocket & Lemon Rice

  Sweet, Sticky Pork Skewers on Peppery Rocket and White rice With the Freshness of Lemon to Balance Everything… Fast-Marinade Sometimes I forget that pork can come in other forms than just chorizo. Who else is guilty of eating copious amounts of the spicy salty Spanish sausage? Same can be said for bacon. Chorizo and […]

The Prawn Cocktail You Should Be Eating This Summer

  Smashed avocado with chilli, little gem lettuce, lime and olive oil makes the perfect bed for a load of fat, juicy king prawns. Got a fork? Gone are the days of the Marie Rose laden prawn cocktail in a dessert glass – yes it served us well in the ’70s and will always remain […]

Nigella’s Fusilli Pasta With Easy To Make Sicilian Pesto

In this video, Nigella cooks up an easy to make pasta dish with an ‘all you have to do is blend‘ pesto. The pasta looks just like springy telephone cables, which I’m sure kids would love. The pesto itself needs a few ingredients but as no cooking is required, it’s fairly quick and easy to make. You’ve […]

Not Your Typical Burgers and Fries

If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my natural life it would be a nice, juicy, burger hot off the grill. There is nothing better than all of that melted cheese and meat in a bun. Sometimes that’s really all it needs. Other times I like to get really […]

Jamie Oliver’s Essential Skills That Every Amateur Chef Should Know

  With the advent of TV and YouTube, we can now learn the basic skills that the professionals use. There are some great chefs who are more than keen to share their knowledge. One of the most obvious is Jamie Oliver. I found some great videos where Jamie demonstrates the basic skills you need to know. […]

Is This The Easiest Way To Crush Garlic? Sure Looks It!

The thing about most garlic crushers is that they have hinged handles that break and are often very difficult to clean. I found this crusher via BoingBoing and must be the simplest one ever made – what a brilliant idea! You can get it direct from Amazon UK – Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher

Simple To Make Yummy Turkey Burgers

This recipe was originally sent in as part of #FoodBloggerFriday but it’s too good to wait! It comes from Sarah at Get A Room With Food blog, a lovely turkey burger recipe for your barbecues. Well, any time of the year really… Most of the ingredients should already be in your cupboards so no racing […]