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Do Yourself A Favour This Summer And Grab Yourself A Melon Slicer!

This summer, the only gadget you’ll be wanting is this melon slicer! You just can’t beat a slice of melon while the sunshines down and you’re feeling hotter than ever… Posted by คลิปเด่น รอบโลก on Friday, 9 June 2017   And there you have it, one hard push downwards and your melon is sliced to […]

The Bacon Grill For Perfectly Grilled Bacon Every Time!

You will want this bacon grill! Think about it for a moment. Are you so addicted to bacon that you wish you had some way of cooking it whenever you wanted? And cooked beautifully each time without the mess? Well, now you can with the Nostalgia Products BACON EXPRESS™… “Welcome to a healthier way to cook bacon […]

Love Spaghetti? You’ll Love This New Handy Gadget!

How do you know how much spaghetti to cook? Do you get your scales out and weigh it or do you use your eye and go for an approximation? Well, how about using this brand new invention – the Pasta Maestro. I was sent one of these new gadgets to test out and I have […]