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These Summer Spring Rolls Are The Prettiest Things You’ll See This Summer!

If you like your food to look really pretty then you’re going to love these summer spring rolls, as featured in the video below. Food blogger Alyssia Sheikh from Mind Over Munch is in front of the camera and if you like her style and ideas then you can see more from her own her own YouTube […]

Amazing Ice Cube Hack For All Your Summer Drinks!

Our archive is full of great summer drinks but I’ve found a great a wonderful way to totally transform them. This simple idea is easy to do and will take your favourite summer beverage to the next level. All you need is an ice tray or two and a freezer compartment. Pop into each ice tray a selection […]

Jack Daniels As An Ingredient? Sure, Here’s Three Great Reason Why…

Should you use Jack Daniels as an ingredient? For that matter, should whisky be used at all? Some may argue that it’s wasted when used in a recipe. But is it really? After all, we use good quality red and white wines in recipes. I think it should be used where it enhances the dish and […]

Delicious Dumpling Recipes You Need To See Right Now

When you start thinking about dumplings, I’m betting you’re imagining they’re inside a big steamy stew that’s been bubbling away for hours. My Mum used to make good dumplings for her stews. They always came out light with a great flavour, not all heavy and sticky like my Grandmother used to make! But that’s another story […]

Preserving Summer: Marmalade, Curd And Jam Recipes That Go Beyond!

You do know there’s more to preserving summer fruit than just making jam, right? Jam making is the traditional method for enjoying the spoils of summer during the chilly winter months. However, you can also make marmalades and curds that essentially do the same thing. The standard jam uses strawberry, and the recipes for other fruit […]

Sangria: The Ideal Party Drink For Friends Family And Summer!

Summer for many is a chilled glass of Sangria. Small chunks of fruit with red wine, sugar (or something else sweet like honey) and something to boost the alcohol content, like gin or brandy. Lounging around on the patio with a full glass is what summertime is all about! You can serve the Spanish drink […]

Need Jam In A Hurry? How To Make It At Home Without The Fuss

For reasons unknown to you, you have just volunteered to host a ‘tea and scones’ party at your house. Fine, you have a great recipe for scones and it won’t take too long to whip up a big batch. While sweating away in the kitchen and as the last scones go in to the oven, […]

Don’t Throw Your Jars Away, Put Your Breakfast In Them!

Momma Cusine has posted a great tip on what to do with spare jars, you know – like empty jam jars etc. Instead of throwing them away, her idea is to turn them in to breakfast jars! Vintage jars are so trendy for it’s home grown appeal. Instead of going out to buy jars, why […]

Snacking: Sunshine Bars

When it comes to snacking at elevenses or during the afternoon would you normally opt for a piece of fruit, a packet or crisps or may be a chocolate bar? How about making your own batch of sunshine bars – containing an energy boosting combination of carbohydrates, protein and fibre these bars are easy to make and are […]

Support your local market, be in control of what you eat!

One of the best ways to control the quality of the food you eat is to head down to your local market. Personally, I love my local market. Food is always fresh and normally quite varied. Of course it’s going to be seasonal but that I think is the beauty of it. Along with the […]