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How To Stop Your Fried Eggs From Sticking

I really hate it when my fried eggs stick to the pan and the yolk splits when you try to get them out. I’m not the only who feels the same. In fact I will fry another just so I can have a perfect egg to put on to my toast. Julie R. Thomson at […]

If You Love Stuffing Then You Will Love These!

Who doesn’t like stuffing with the Christmas roast, that’s if you are having chicken or turkey. Mind you, with it being so popular you could have it with anything. Perhaps as a starter? Yes really, as a starter! Great British Chefs have a rather interesting recipe by Alyn Williams – Fried stuffing balls… Alyn Williams’ stuffing ball recipe […]

Make your own doughnuts with Paul Hollywood

On Friday we left you with news of  Paul Hollywood and his up and coming TV program. Today we stay with Paul and take a look at his recipe for doughnuts. It was featured on the  BBC programme The Great British Bake Off which also featured Mary Berry. Doughnuts have long been the favourite of […]