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Jamie Oliver’s Grilled Lamb Kebabs

Here’s something new to try this weekend. Get out your blender and have a go at making your own grilled kebabs. All you need is lamb, cumin, chilli powder and salt and pepper. Jamie adds sumac for extra flavour but you can always leave it out or substitute it for something else. The kebabs are […]

How To Make Your Own Tortilla’s, It’s Easier Than You Think!

One of the most flexible items you can have in your kitchen cupboard is a bag of flour. There are tons of things you can make with it, cakes and breads are just two examples. Flour has become essential in baking but there are a range of things that you can make that don’t require […]

Rick Steins Turkish spicy lamb flat bread

Rick Stein OBE is well known for his restaurant businesses in Padstow, Cornwall. Businesses that include a chip shop! Of course his TV appearances have helped him to become a TV favourite. Well that’s down to Keith Floyd, another story – another time… One of the things that Rick has done is travel. His TV […]

flatbread, feta and chickpea salad

I am beginning to think I talk to much about flat bread. But it’s easy to make and quite versatile. Something any one can make in fact. So this recipe by Gordon Ramsay caught my attention for two good reasons. First, well it’s flat bread and the second is that he admits to liking vegetarian food! […]