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Simple Sicilian Sardines a la Gennaro

I couldn’t resist writing about this recipe, it just looks so wonderful on a plate. It’s another master piece by my favourite chef, Gennaro Contaldo. While most of us would cook fish in a pan, this recipe involves making a simple stuffing which is placed on top of the sardines. They are then rolled and […]

Impress This Valentines Day With Sea Bass, Herbs and Lemon

Valentines day is coming so why not impress your other half with something special you have created in the kitchen. The best thing about this lovely dish is that the preparation is quick, the ingredients are simple and presentation looks great. The recipe is by James Martin and can be found in his book – […]

Quick Fish and Rosti Pie

Do you have a jar of pesto which is lingering in your fridge? You may have used some in a recipe and don’t know what to use the rest for? Well this recipe is perfect for using some of your pesto up and incorporating leeks which are great this time of year. Here’s what Eat […]

Sweetcorn crab chowder

Sweetcorn is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C and is in abudance during October. So why not add a bit of sunshine to your dish and give today’s recipe for sweetcorn crab chowder a whirl. If you aren’t partial to crab then you can swap this for something you love –  maybe prawns, clams or a white […]

Having Fish On Friday? Try Out This Pan Seared Trout

We have mentioned before that having fish on a Friday is quite common around the world. We’re not talking about a trip to your local chippy for something in batter! Fresh fish cooked well not only tastes great but is also good for you. All those omega 3’s and such like. This recipe for pan […]

Pan fried Lemon Sole with Beurre Blanc Sauce

Today’s recipe comes from Flavours of France, they specialise in cookery training courses in France. It was created by their Chefs at their La Rochelle location, a beautiful town by the sea where there is lots of fresh seafood available. So if fish is your thing then you should really check them out. To my mind […]

Easter Friday – Pouting fish fingers

Today is Easter Friday so in line with tradition we should all be eating fish! So rather than popping to your local chippy why not try this recipe for Pouting fish fingers with sweet potato chips and basil mayo from Jamie Oliver. I’d never heard of Pouting but it’s a more sustainable fish belonging to […]

Seafood week: Parmesan Baked Haddock

Today’s post is not so much as ‘how to make this dish…’, but more of a ‘what a good idea…’, sort of thing. Basically, it’s a different way of doing breaded fish (think of fish fingers) but with out deep frying etc. Chef Steve Binks takes us through a different way to coat the fish […]

How to fillet a mackerel

Are you a fish fan? I love smoked mackerel, especially as they come in packs and all you have to do is to cook them. However, cooking a fresh one is rather off putting because of all the small and tiny bones. So if you can fillet a fresh mackerel and remove the bones then there’s nothing stopping […]