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Jamie Oliver’s Alcohol Free Summer Fruit Punch

Most recipes for a summer fruit punch do seem to end up being rather alcoholic. They often have whole bottles of rosé or red wine poured in along with the other ingredients. For a change, how about this recipe from Jamie Oliver that uses only fruit. No sugar is added and the only garnish is […]

The Amazing Watermelon Keg You’ll Want For Your Summer Parties!

https://www.facebook.com/FoodNetwork/videos/10154479251801727/?sw_fnr_id=365012519 This video for a watermelon keg comes from the Food Network, and what a brilliant idea it is too! It’s also fairly simple to create. Take one large watermelon and mush up the insides. Pour out the contents through a sieve to ensure you are leaving the seeds etc behind. Then, pour it back […]

The Olympics, Pimms And Some Really Great Ideas

Just how well is the UK Olympics team doing right now? Amazingly well!!! Gold medals won by Adam Peaty, Mo Farah and Helen Glover – just to name a few! Silver medals are now hanging around the necks of competitors like Bryony Page, Jazmin Carlin and Louis Smith. Not forgetting those with Bronze medals like Edward Ling and Steven […]

Top 10 Fabulous Strawberry Recipes You Should Be Trying This Summer

Don’t you just love strawberries? The humble strawberry can be used in so many different ways and I’ve found some really lovely ideas from very creative food bloggers. From amazing breakfast muffins to thirst quenching drinks. Head out to your local market and pick up some Great British Strawberries and give these fabulous recipes a […]

Time To Relax With These Lovely Summertime Drinks

When you’re outside relaxing in the sunshine, what will you be drinking? I’ve found some great drinks from fab food bloggers that are perfect for the summertime. These recipes can be easily be made at home and they are totally delicious! No excuses now, get into the kitchen, whip up one of the recipes and go […]

Tesco Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks, Do You Agree? [Poll]

This week, Tesco’s took the controversial decision to remove sugary drinks from their stores. This was reported by the Independent, Tesco to ban Ribena and Capri-Sun along with other sugary drinks to tackle obesity… Tesco has announced plans to axe sugary drinks, which would see some best-selling products by Ribena and Capri-Sun disappearing from shelves. […]

Essential Summer Time Foodie Tricks You Should Know

Lifehacker has put together a bunch of their tips, tricks and more in to a YouTube playlist. Want to know how to make melon smoothies with a drill? How to cook a whole chicken on a BBQ? Click play below and be impressed! Also featured are tips for… Deseed a pomegranate in seconds with a […]

Sunshine In A Glass – A Guide To Making Summer Cocktails

You may not be able to make it to the beach this summer but you can still recreate it in your own back garden – inflatable pool, deck chairs and an exotic drink or two. Most of that I am sure you can handle but let us help you with the liquid refreshments… This infographic […]

Keep Cool With Our Selection Of Summertime Drinks!

Keep cool and refreshed with our a selection of great summer drinks recipes from our archive. Some mix seasonal fruits with juices, wines or spirits to make refreshing drinks – like melon and vodka. Don’t forget to check out our barbecue and salad recipe selections, plenty to choose from if you are having a summer […]

Summer Sangria

Fancy making up your own drink to serve friends and family at your BBQ this summer rather than just opening a bottle of wine? How about putting together a Sangria? Sangria is traditionally drunk in Portugal and Spain and literally means “bloodletting” because of its typical dark red colour. There are a few variations of Sangria […]