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5 Great Vinaigrettes For You To Make At Home

Why buy pre-made vinaigrettes for your salads from supermarkets when you can make your own! Vinaigrettes are quite easy to make and you can experiment with all sorts of different flavours. I recently created a vinaigrette inspired by Asian flavours, grated garlic, olive oil with rice wine vinegar and a squirt of lemon juice. It […]

Principles for superb salads

Making a salad may sound simple and you may be wondering why we are featuring a post on the principles of a superb salad. Well, rather than just having lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and a bit of onion along with maybe a protein of some sort why not listen to Jamie Oliver talking us through what else we can […]

Jamie Oliver and summer salads

Today we are back to Jamie Oliver and taking a look at a salad recipe. It comes from Jamie Oliver live and is the second web cast. . He shows how to make a proper salad with fresh grown vegetables from his own garden and he shows off some gadgets too. Included is explanations on how to […]