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Fab Cheesecake Recipes, Perfect For Mothers Day

Mothers Day is upon us again, a specially set aside day when we can show our mothers our love and appreciation. One thing you can do for this special day is to create something they will love to eat. For those of you who find cooking a complete meal a bit of a stretch, why not […]

Hard To Resist And Totally Outrageous Bubble Waffles!

New York may well have a place serving edible cookie dough, but London has Bubble Waffles! The bubble waffle and bubble tea company Nosteagia is behind this outrageous dessert. You have to admit they do look damn good and certainly worth a trip to London to try one out! Buzzfeed went to take a look and posted […]

Easter Recipe Round Up, Great Ideas That You Can Make

Easter celebrations are upon us already. If you are looking for a recipe or two or just need some ideas, then we have plenty to inspire you. Our archive has many great recipes, from a ‘hot cross bun cake‘ you make in a microwave to a Moroccan style leg of lamb. You can check them all out […]

Your Valentine’s Day Meal, The Delicious Dessert

This is it, you are two courses in and so far your Valentine’s Day starter and main course have gone better than you could of imagined. Now you are going to finish in style! The dessert you have chosen will say that you thought the whole thing through, you’ve done more than just pop out […]

Amazing Oreo Recipes That You Will Want To Try – Again And Again!

You should be excited about Oreo’s, as they are quite possibly the most versatile ingredient for desserts and treats. I didn’t realise just hope popular the cookie (if you are in the USA)/biscuit (if you are in the UK) was as an ingredient until I did a search. Here’s some of what I found, far […]

Rhubarb Ripple Semi-Freddo

Rhubarb is now coming into season so why not try this fabulous recipe for rhubarb ripple semi-freddo (semi-freddo meaning half frozen). It would go down very well at any get together or dinner party and isn’t actually that difficult to make although it looks fairly complicated when you look at the picture! You will need […]

Apple Flapjack Crumble

The humble apple – so many varieties and with hundreds of ways to use them it is difficult to choose what to post! Cox’ apples are in season this month and are a really flavoursome eating apple which are great to use in cooking too. Maybe you are lucky enough to have your own tree in the […]

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Mousse

BBC Food & Drink is currently showing on our screens and a recent recipe for salted caramel and chocolate mousse caught my eye! It was shown to us by Michel Roux Jr. and is a recipe which his mother used. The combination of the salt and the sweet really work well together in this easy […]

Rachel Khoos Beautiful Chocolate Mousse With Cocoa Nibs

We don’t need an excuse to post a recipe like this one but if we did, then the fact it’s a chocolate dessert would be more than enough. Rachel has crafted a lovely dessert that is not that difficult to make but takes a little time to get done. Also, ideally it needs to chill […]

Martha Stewart’s Stunning Lemon Soufflés

I found this gorgeous dessert recipe on the Martha Stewart website. It actually uses a lemon as the container for a lemon soufflé, certainly saves on washing up but presentation wise – what a great idea! Looks fantastic and sure to impress when presented to friends and family. I’m sure this  recipe could be adapted for other […]