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The Recipe Rebel’s Fabulous Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes

I found this video for Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes on Facebook, don’t they look brilliant! They feature 4 ingredients and ready in about 20 minutes. They are all purpose people pleasers, perfect for parties, birthdays and just when you need something special. This fab idea comes from Ashley at Recipe Rebel and all the info you need to make these […]

Small Objects Of Desire – The Cupcakes Of Instagram!

In my continued efforts to make you smile when it’s oh-so-horrible’ outside, I bring you some of the loveliest cupcakes of Instagram! They are gorgeous, cleverly made and very desirable! There’s just so many toppings and flavours. If you’re not feeling hungry after checking them out, then there’s something very wrong! Let me know what […]

Mojito! Essential Summertime Ideas!

It’s time to talk about Mojito, the summertime beverage that was born in Havana, Cuba. Yes I know it’s a Monday and talking about Alcoholic drinks this early in the week might seem strange. But are we not all all adults here and fully aware of the need to drink responsibly? Besides it’s summer and sitting outside enjoying […]

Halloween Week: Red Velvet Broken Glass Cupcakes

It’s only a few days until Halloween and so we obviously have to celebrate this spooky tradition by sharing some great recipes. Today’s recipe is for red velvet broken glass cupcakes. These look really effective and I love the way the broken glass is made. Looks very tricky but actually is quite simple. Don’t be […]

Five Kitchen Devices You Didn’t Know You Needed

We are all familiar with sandwiches toasters,  take two pieces of bread wilth filling then place between two hot plates. Great for quick snacks, something all students end up buying. Long terms use depends on how many you make per day and the amount of surface room if you can’t be bothered to put it […]

#FoodBloggerFriday: Strawberry Daiquiri – Cocktails and Cupcakes

We end the week with a great recipe for #FoodBloggerFriday. It’s from Alison at Dragons and Fairy Dust, someone we have already paid a visit to. Generally we know what to do with strawberries but if you have too many and you are running out of ideas then you should try this. Alison started off […]