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Apple Crumble with Portuguese Firewater, Taking An English Favourite One Step Further!

  One thing I like the most about baking/cooking is to try recipes from other countries, and at the end, if it’s possible, add a Portuguese taste. That’s what happened with my apple crumble recipe. Original from United Kingdom during the World War II, since crumbles were an economic way to safe ingredients and an […]

Apple Flapjack Crumble

The humble apple – so many varieties and with hundreds of ways to use them it is difficult to choose what to post! Cox’ apples are in season this month and are a really flavoursome eating apple which are great to use in cooking too. Maybe you are lucky enough to have your own tree in the […]

Gooseberry Crumble Cake

A friend of mine is very kindly going to be giving me some of her home grown red gooseberries so you can imagine how keen I was to look up recipes using these fabulous little fruits. There were obviously a fair few to choose from but I’ve opted to share with you Nigel Slater’s recipe […]

Get cherry picking!

This month cherries are in abundance but they have a very short growing season so now’s the time to get to your local market or supermarket and buy yourself a few punnets. They are a very versatile fruit going well with meats and for making desserts plus they are an excellent source of both Vitamin A and […]

Strawberry and rhubarb crumble

Raymond Blanc shows us his kitchen garden at his restaurant where he’s grown rhubarb. Perfect for this time of year. Strawberries may not be quite in season in the UK but Raymond Blanc is using strawberries from France which look delicious. This crumble recipe is light and crunchy and looks very easy to put together. He does marinate the rhubarb […]