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Gennaro’s Three Cheese Spaghetti Dish With Fried Courgettes

We all know just how passionate Gennaro is about food and that he gets easily carried away – he does kinda gabble on a bit. So, for a bit of fun, watch the video below and ensure the auto translated subtitles are on.  You’ll get to enjoy phrases like, “will be the bass on it’s side […]

Need A Courgette Recipe? Try This Fab Lasagne Dish!

Are you desperately searching around for a good courgette recipe? No matter what you call it, Zucchini or even summer squash, it’s one of those ingredients that needs an imaginative recipe. So perhaps this idea from Waitrose (presented by Silvana Franco) will help you use them up, especially if you’ve been growing your own. This is almost […]

Are These The Best Courgette Recipes Ever?

I adore courgettes, there’s something about the flavour that I really like. One of my favourite things to do with them is to cut them into sticks, much like chips. I then marinate them briefly with olive oil, various herbs (thyme, rosemary etc) and finally some some sea salt and a sprinkle of pepper. After […]

Gennaro’s Spaghetti With Courgette And Three Cheeses

If you love cheese then this spaghetti dish from Gennaro is right up your street. It’s fairly simple to make and really quick too! As ever, he demonstrates his passion for food. He’s also not to shy about his own skills either! As with all Italian dishes, it’s the fresh ingredients that make all the […]