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How To Strip Corn On The Cob The Easy Way

Want to know the easiest way to remove silk from corn on the cob? If you’ve not seen this trick before then prepare to be amazed! Just to quickly summarize, all you need to do is microwave the cob for about three minutes, cut off one end and then squeeze. Check out the video below that […]

Barbecued Or Boiled, Nothing is Better Than Corn On The Cob!

I love my weekend markets, it’s the time where I stock up on fresh vegetables. This time of year, it full of different coloured tomatoes, melons of various sizes and loads of strawberries. I had a good wander around this past Saturday, and when I arrived at my preferred stall I spotted something new – […]

The Simplest BBQ Side Dish – Grilled Corn On The Cob With Basil

For today’s #foodbloggerfriday we head over to ‘Get A Room With Food‘ for a lovely BBQ side dish. Sarah’s site should sound familiar because we featured a great recipe from her before, Simple To Make Yummy Turkey Burgers. Sarah has contributed another great idea that is very simple and perfect for any July 4th celebrations. All you need is… 2+ […]