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Top Tips On How To Prepare An Artichoke For Cooking

Do you know how to prepare an artichoke? If fact, have you actually eaten one? I’ve always given it a miss because it looks like such hard work to prepare one. However, for many the effort is worth it. I guess it’s mainly down to them really liking the taste. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate […]

Gluten Free Cooking, Top Tips You Need To Know

This infographic comes via SheKnows.com, and contains very useful information on removing gluten from your baking. If you have problems with gluten or cooking for someone who has, then these tips will be invaluable! Don’t forget to visit the link above as the author Mary McCoy lists some great gluten free recipes. We’ve also have plenty […]

Should Three Year Olds Be Introduced To Food Sources And Cooking?

How old were you when you started cooking? The BBC have recently added a new section to their site that’s all about young kids getting involved – Should three-year-olds learn to cook? No one expects children to stay neat and tidy all the time, or to escape a few scraped knees or bruises in the playground. […]

Paul Hollywood Week: Grab the recipes!

Today is the last post with regard to Mr Paul Hollywood. We have seen some great recipes that hopefully have inspired you to get in to your kitchen and cook. As ever, Paul makes everything look so easy. Even if he has spent 30 years baking, somehow he makes it all look effortless. So if […]

Spice up your food life!

Since my naan bread experiments during the week, I have come to realise that I am missing something spicy in my food life. It’s definitely not the season for your local market, unless there happens to be a spice stall. So I am once again back to Love your Larder to see what they have on offer. […]